Ad Blocking Isn’t The End Of The World

Great deap analysis on this difficult topic- definitely worth reading:

The only way to preserve and grow the free web is to change how and when ads are served. True innovation requires plucking ads from mobile devices and serving them in a smart way: at times and in places that are desirable and valuable to the user. It means understanding the user in his or her mobile life, and using that information in the physical world to add value and respect privacy.

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Google Shopping Insights

Amazing tool  ! Google Shopping Insights is focused on retailers with physical stores. In a world where 87% of consumers research online before entering a store, but more than 90% of goods are still sold in stores, it’s aimed to help retailers understand local insights in cities where they have stores.

Shopping Insights can be used to:

  • Measure consumer interest on products at a national, regional, and city level
  • Compare demand across geographies, time, and device context
  • Get ideas for local promotions, and investments between mobile and desktop

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Google Shopping Insights.

Freeletics – the world is your gym


Great concept that I discovered 5 months ago, I immediately bought it as it’s exactly what I was looking for.

I use to be a calisthenic practitioner since 2 years and a half, but I was looking for some training methods to overcome the traditional “plateau effect” and simply to get some motivation. Training alone is sometime hard to keep the momentum and to maintain the quest for progress. Freeletics has both the technology and the community, enriched by content coming from experts in sport, nutritionists, and of course, members of the community/practitioners – “free athletes”.

The app available on both iOS and Android is the key companion as you’ll get your full program available and also your coach for your Work Outs. All (quite) social networks are covered: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+… Thanks to this large presence, you have all your chances to find friends and connect with other Free Athletes anywhere.

freeletics 1 The official blog also provides you with nutritions guides, a full set of testimonials and some motivation videos for the bad days, when you’re about to decide to quit.

After 5 months of practice, I am happy to confirm my satisfaction with the program, it has really helped me being more consistent, I am training on average 3-4 days a week, so once every 2 days, the coach is definitely worth as I don’t want to manage myself my program, so yes, I am convinced !

Last but not least, I love the integration of social networks and the full approach, “millenials oriented”, the business model is very clever and I think efficient as the mix between IRL meetings/trainings and all online support available is well balanced, so hoping that Freeletics will be there for long !

Join us ! :o)