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The end of Paid/Owned/Earned

Forrester’s analyst Nate Elliott published an article announcing the end of the POE segmentation we’ve been using since few years:

“Stop thinking about “earned, owned and paid.” The concept of earned, owned and paid media shook many marketers from their slumber and helped them see a way past traditional channel-based marketing plans. But this model was never representative of the way customers used media; like “digital and traditional,” it’s a classification based on organizational convenience rather than on the customer journey. Our data show that customers turn to reach, depth and relationship channels at different stages of the life cycle — regardless of whether those channels are digital or traditional, or whether they’re earned or owned or paid.”

The new model presented by Nate is now organized around the concept of RaDaR, say Reach, Depth and Relationship channels, considering all ways of interactions through the customer journey from the brand, depending on the focus of effort.

Definitely challenging and worth considering seriously…!