With Atlas Relaunch, Facebook Advances New Cross-Device ID Based On Logged In Users

Facebook has done something big with the relaunch of its Atlas ad server, acquired from Microsoft 16 months ago, but that something has little to do with serving ads. Rather it’s about replacing the beleaguered cookie with a new, more reliable ad-tracking mechanism for the mobile age.

The new Atlas – expected to be unveiled Monday – leverages the relationships Facebook has with users who are logged in across devices to support a new persistent tracking mechanism. This ID, which strips out all but the most basic information about a Facebook user, is the first salvo in what many expect to be a series of moves by large Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Twitter to use the login as the foundation of ad personalization and measurement.

“What we’re bringing to the table is mobile,” said David Jakubowski, who joined the company recently to head up Atlas and the Facebook Audience Network, the company’s nascent ad network. “When you run an ad on Facebook, they know because you’re logged in. We’ve partnered with all the major apps and ad networks and exchanges very specifically around the mobile world to enable Atlas to receive the ad events. When the ad runs from those places, we can use that to tie back all of the channels.”

With the new cross-device measurement solution, Atlas will also begin to support other features, such as retargeting and pooling data from different sources, that have traditionally been the domain of specialized vendors such as data-management platforms and demand-side platforms.

Via AdExchanger.com: With Atlas Relaunch, Facebook Advances New Cross-Device ID Based On Logged In Users.

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